Strategy & Vision

  • As one of the Construction Industry’s regional market leaders, we aim to set the benchmark of excellence for our industry, delivering services and standards that exceed client expectations, with complete integrity, transparency and fairness in every aspect of our business.
  • ALWATANIYA ALARABIA has a focused strategic goal of becoming a Contractor of Choice in the Gulf Region. Becoming a Contractor of Choice means that we provide exceptional Design, Planning, Project Management, and Construction Execution capabilities which allow clients to complete their projects on-time and onbudget.

Our strategy for accomplishing its objectives has four main elements:

  • Disciplined Work Selection: We are focused on selecting and executing work that fits within our area of expertise and where it can have a significant influence over the management of the project. ALWATANIYA ALARABIA is focused on civil construction projects, and in particular, infrastructure works, deep foundation, and waste water treatment plants. We have extensive experience in the design, construction and operation of these types of projects and is knowledgeable of the risks inherent in this type of work.
  • Market Focus: ALWATANIYA ALARABIA’s heritage as a company is in Kuwait and we will always have a significant presence in the Kuwaiti marketplace. We have significant labour, plant, and project management resources which positions us well for profitable growth.
  • Developer Relationships: We are focused on developing relationships with major developers not only in Kuwait, but in the region. Unlike many clients, developers maintain multiyear pipelines of projects which can provide the Company with a long-term source of revenue and growth.
  • Targeted Enhancement of Human Capital: One of the critical elements to being a successful contractor is having the appropriate planning, project management, and project execution skills. We are focused on recruiting and retaining the very best people to allow us to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.